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Lorimer Homes is a family owned business that starts with myself Les Lorimer (owner/ project manager), and includes my daughter Katie Ybarra (office manager). I got started in the building industry in 1978 and learned the industry starting out as a carpenter, and working my way up through the ranks, until branching off on my own both through remodels and new construction. At 55 years old, building houses is something I enjoy and truly love to do. I personally over see all phases of the company and make the necessary decisions needed to improve the quality and workmanship that we at Lorimer Homes strive to provide our customers.

Construction Experience

Building houses ranging from 2,200sqft to 14,000sqft using wood or metal framing. We build with very high performance, energy efficient, green construction sometimes using a Structural Steel Insulated Panel also known as a SSIP Panel. We have built many houses with full basements as well. We like using LED lighting as much as we can. We feel that energy cost will continue to increase and by using products that yield's greater energy efficiency you will be saving money.


Core Qualifications

  • Experienced in LEED certified houses
  • Experienced in basements
  • Experienced in LED lighting
  • Experienced with solar energy
  • Experienced with 60kw - 100kw generators
  • Experienced with Venetian wall finishes
  • Experienced with wood & metal framing
  • Experienced in Miami Dade rated homes
  • Experienced with Structural Steel Insulated Panels 

Lorimer Homes

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